Welcome to the Firedragon Games shop

Please check out the sections below for our collections of scenery making materials, resin scenery, metal tokens, resin bases

and game accessories.

Scenery Building Materials

Whether you are a novice or a pro our unique range of XPS foam pre-textured sheets along with resin and metal accessories will help you to quickly and easily create great looking scenery for your wargames table or RPG game. 

Resin Scenery

Our resin scenery is suitable for 28mm and similar scale wargames and RPGs. It is all modelled and produced in house to ensure the best quality possible.

Game Tokens & Accessories

Our selection of metal game tokens including our popular Treasure Tokens and 'Pieces Of Eight' replica coins will enhance your games and create a wow factor on the tabletop.


We have a growing collection of basing products to add a bit of flair to your miniatures, or in the case of the metal inserts, to add a bit of weight. If there's a particular kind of base you'd like to see please let us know.