Creativity is our driving force. Transforming ideas into models, sculptures, paintings and drawings is what makes us happy. If we can help and encourage others to do the same it makes us even happier.

Our main aim is to make that process simpler for anyone who wants to make cool looking scenery for their tabletop,  reducing the time consuming, fiddly and repetitive tasks often associated with building from scratch. The amount of time required to make your own scenery and terrain can seem off-putting, especially these days, when 'free time' is a precious commodity. With our scenery building materials and a healthy dose of imagination fantastic looking scenery should be possible for anyone.

We hope you will feel inspired, enthused and excited with a brain on fire with ideas and fingers itching to cut, glue and paint your own amazing creations into reality.

For more inspiration, tips, techniques and help from like-minded folk, please visit our Facebook group: 

Foam Modelling Workshop Facebook Group

Not all of our creative work is game related and there's a small selection below. Previous commissions include a statuette of Eros for the London Evening Standard British Film Awards, a Green Man belt buckle, badges for motorbike clubs, and a replica medieval belt buckle.

Personal projects and hobbies range from whittling, painting and calligraphy, to photography and figure painting, and life afloat on our narrowboat in the North of England and amid the beautiful South Pennine hills suits us very well.

We have a small selection of our own projects for sale in our Etsy Shop,  "The Inn of The Croaking Raven". 

Firedragon was started in 2004 and is run by Paul Naylor and Laura Hughes.